The Year 2011

I sat down this morning with my journals from 2011 and the zillions of pictures I’d taken this year & began to cry. Another year. Another 365 days filled with God being exactly who He claims to be. Another year of seeing people give their lives totally over to Jesus; seeing my family grow in every area; watching friends move away because God’s  called them elseswhere, and getting to better know those people He’s put right around me. Another endless list of reasons to praise Jesus!  Oh, I love Him so much! I can’t put it into words… I can only strive to live it out every day in every way!

Because it’s so impossible to express this year in words, I’ll do it in pictures. Enjoy. And take time to Praise Jesus, specifically, for His faithfulness! (These pictures begin in January & go into the Spring)



(More to come…)



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