Things my Kids LOVE

The other day after lunch I asked my youngest four kids (from ages 15 to 5) this question:

“What are some of the things we do that you love?”

Here’s their answers in random order:


Monday Funday  (family day activities)

Reading together

Being involved in youth/kids ministries

Eating as a family, nearly every meal

Have married parents

Laugh at our silly mistakes

Eat veggies… and don’t get sick or have the flu very often, and even end up liking the veggies

Our parents disciple us (seriously, they said this!)

Have weekly homemade pizza night (oops, I forgot to plan it this week)

Take them to creative classes… sewing & knitting class

Play wii together

Letting us be silly and you  don’t get sick of us

Create the concept & bake our own cakes (with Mom) for our birthdays

Have a dog

Take family vacations

We tease Mom & she doesn’t get angry

We snuggle


What do you love doing with your family?

9 thoughts on “Things my Kids LOVE

  1. I think we may be snobs!!! we like to get Pedicures together! and have lunch! LOL! (in our defense, we lead busy lives so we like a little pampering! and no one likes ugly gross feet 🙂 )

    We love going to church together, driving around Belle isle.

    We bake and cook together!

    We serve together – a lot of times Phyllis will make the cupcakes for an occasion that i get to feed peeps!

  2. I love playing games with my family. It is fun to sit around and play a game while laughing and enjoying being with each other. I love my family and I really enjoy the time we spend together. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your family activities!

  3. With my newer family…cuddling is one of my favorites, only because elias doesn’t like to sit still, so it always ends up hilarious. I also love reading together, cooking and eating meals together, and talking about our lives and what God is doing.
    With my siblings and parents….games are definitely on the top of the list, and being outdoors.
    Yay for families!

  4. With my family (the girls in my room) I love how we have creative times together. Every now and then, Jess breaks out the coloring books, and we sit at the island and color together. haha. It’s so fun.

    Some of us actually color and some of us add creative things like mustaches.

  5. I love watching my Grandson sleep and my daughter laugh. They both put everything into it. He sleeps like a log and she laughs with every bit of her soul.
    Family mealtimes with everyone pitching in, helping with the cooking. Lot of laughing going on.

    For myself, I like the time of night when everything is done and it’s quiet enough to hear the clock ticking and I know my family is safe and has had another beautiful day.

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