This post is NOT about Baking!


I love to bake!
Haven’t done too much of it this year, though.
while I was making a couple batches of yummy treats & adding
the ingredients together it struck me…
– All the things added to cookie dough are kinda gross on their own:
raw eggs, baking powder, flour, sugar, etc…
– But mixed all together and then baked they’re irresistible!
-Each of us has something to offer, but by ourselves were not
very appealing or effective.
– Mixed together and baked in the warmth of the Holy Spirit
our efforts are WONDERFUL!
eat and cookie… (or two) and thank God for the Christians
He’s put in your life.
Name them.
Pray for them.
Then go eat another cookie…
it IS Christmas, after all!

One thought on “This post is NOT about Baking!

  1. yeah! that's so good! i was just reading that in romans 12 yesterday- i love the way "the voice" says it. together we become something we could never be on our own!

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