Those Minions aren’t my cousins

Those minions did everything for Gru. And they were so cute, too.

A couple of days ago a couple of my friends tweeted that they wished they had her own minions to do their work or go get  sushi.  I cracked up… and then realized… wait a minute… I DO have my own minions!  My kids!  🙂

Not exactly minions, but just as cute (well, cuter cuz they’re real) and they actually do my work for me… OK, they do SOME of my work for me!

You see, since they’ve been young I’ve included my children in the many tasks that a family & home require. As toddlers & preschoolers they LOVED it cuz it made them feel grown up. As they get older it kinda loses its appeal, but it’s already a part of their lives, so they do it anyway. My little minions are good workers… and don’t usually complain too much.

When they’re really little they’d do things like take the napkins to the table, put the shoes in the closet, toys in the box , etc…

Preschoolers & Early Elementary children clear the table each meal, push in the chairs, empty small garbage cans, dust window sills, feed the dog, put their clothes away, bring laundry to laundry room, clean light switches, even vacuum, etc…

Upper Elementary & Jr. High kids can do the dishes, dust furniture, pick up dog do-do from the yard, prepare simple meals, clean bathroom counters, sweep floors, do their own laundry, clean their rooms, wash & change bedding, etc…

High School students can really do just about anything around the house, and should. Including cook meals.

Hmm, now that I’m looking at this list I realize two things

1. I sound like a total slave driver

2. With all this help (I have 5 kids) I should have a spotless house.  Oops, I just made myself look bad!  ha!

Being an effective parent will always require work… in every area!  But teaching our kids to help out not only gives us opportunity to have minions – hee hee- but to develop responsible, hard working kids that don’t expect everything given to them or done for them.   It takes time to teach them… twice as long as if you were doing it  yourself… but in the long run it’s well worth it… for THEM (and you, too).

So, Gru, get to makin’ that chore chart.

5 thoughts on “Those Minions aren’t my cousins

  1. Love it! Is it me, or does that picture of the minion kinda look like Chase? 😉

    It’s funny cuz just a few weeks ago I realized that my kids could be doing more around the house. I mean, they were picking up toys, putting their laundry away, etc. But now I have them helping me set the table, empty the dishwasher, make their beds, etc. They actually love it (most of the time).

    Thanks for a fun and funny post with practical advice!

  2. Thx for the reminder that we don’t have 2 carry the load of housework on our shoulders alone. Our children in deed can and should help around the house. My goodness it is the place we all call ‘home.’ It’s our safe place 2 fall, our resting place, a place inhabiting the presence of God. We ought to get excited about training our children in both the spiritual and natutal things in life. Thx for keeping us Domestic Engineers (sp?) on our toes. Smile

  3. Great advice, Netta! I can totally relate. Keeping my little man involved in what I’m doing around the house keeps him more entertained, and he’s learning to do chores without even knowing it yet! Ha!

    Besides the typical cleaning up toys, he likes to vacuum with his vacuum when I do, holds a dust pan, makes alphabet soup while I’m cooking, helps mommy with the can opener, throws laundry down the laundry chute with me, even mows the lawn! (with a bubble mower that doesnt bubble…lol)

    Thanks for encouraging us to do a little more training work now to benefit everyone later.

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