Thoughtful Thursday

Summer break has officially ended at our house. School started today. As I think back over the summer I’m rejoicing over the lessons that have bounced around in my head & heart. Here’s a few:

Last day of summer Ice Cream Treat

I’m making a point to pray specific Bible scriptures for people… especially regarding my family & church.

I’m not my kids’ activities director. Yes, I provided a few unusual things to do each week, but their unscheduled time  brought out more creativity than a cart load of preplanned crafts or games.

Being together with the people you love can be such a good thing… even when it’s not super fun (and might even include times of tears and topics of deep sorrow).

Taking time away from the normal routines of life really manages to clear my head and encourage my heart.

I drove on the outside lane of the hugely tall Sunshine Bridge near St. Petersburg Florida… and amazingly I did NOT slide right off the edge! 
My ridiculously weird fear of driving on tall bridges is now a thing of the past! YIPPEE!


Self inflicted guilt does not make me better… it does the exact opposite. (and I think sometimes people actually take some sorta weird pleasure in
feeling guilty… when in actuality they should examine themselves. If something
needs to be changed, change it! If it’s unnecessary guilt then stop… and move on!)

And, after 44 years of being a chicken, I finally learned to dive into a swimming
pool. Yes!  Finally!  And my swim coach (aka- my husband) had me do it over &
over again!  Another fear, conquered!!!

Sleeping a little later in the summer months provides some lovely rest & a more relaxed feeling. But, never wondering if my kids will wake up while I’m still spending time with Jesus because I got up when it’s super dark… is even better!!

The joy of having HOME be your school… reading in a tree!


Is that BATMAN in that tree?




86 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday

  1. A wonderful read! I always enjoy your posts. Lessons learned, fears conquered, time w/fam….Sounds like a wonderful summer. Thx 4 sharing. Luv ya

  2. Sure enjoyed reading this! Love you all so much, and looking forward to many great reports from Courage Church and Chilton Academy in this next year!!

  3. Netta – Thank you for this. We all need to spend more time reflecting on our experience and learn from it, revel in it. grow from it. Take todays experience and invest it in tomorrow to be better. What a great list of things experienced, absorbed and appreciated. You are a great example.

    Have a great school year and keep sharing – it makes us all better!

  4. Hey Netta, I am so glad you learned how to dive. That is something to be proud of! I unfortunately am too much of a chicken to try; I think I enjoy watching others do it instead.

    Miss you! So excited about the church!

    Love you!

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