Tuesday’s Talkin’

My family says I
talk to myself, but
I prefer to think of it
as “thinking out loud!”
Here’s what I’ve been
thinkin’ lately…

– Where do you go when your heart is hurting?

– Silly text messages from old friends make my heart light
and happy!

– Small things make BIG differences in peoples’ lives.

– I have an amazing gift for selecting the coldest, most
frigid day of the week to go grocery shopping.

– Moving around a lot in ministry can do number on your

– My oldest daughter, Mariah, returned home safely after
a week of ministry on the streets of New Orleans during
Mardi Gras with Saints Community Church
and a team from our church.
She’s so adorable, strong, fun, sweet & wonderful!
(Hey, it’s my blog & I can say it like it is!) hee hee

– Mariah preached on Sunday morning.
She tag-teamed with Freddie, another beautiful woman of God!
You can hear their message here.

– Seeing my children serve Jesus out of their own personal
love & relationship with Him inspires and thrills me!

– Using proper grammar can give credibility, even to one
who doesn’t have much education. The opposite also proves true.
Improper grammar makes even the most educated person seem otherwise.

– Every time our sweet daughter, Courtney, struggled with the
discomfort/pain of wearing braces on her teeth, I’ve sung some
horrible rendition of a song that says, “It’ll be worth it all.”
Now, several years later she’s enjoying the truth of that song.
Her braces were removed yesterday, and her lovely smile is certainly
worth it all!

-Online schooling demands much, but offers much, too! I love it!
(Connections Academy)

-Repeatedly doing the same things and expecting different results drives
me crazy! How in the world can I help women in this city understand
that God can change their hearts, motives, actions and RESULTS!?

– In what areas of my life do I expect change but keep doing the
same things? (I’d better check for a plank in my own eye!)

– Having my kids home during the day delights me!

– Self thoughts can really damage our actions & motives.

What’s been on your mind lately?

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