Whoa vs. Wow


A humble, “broken” heart (the kind that God speaks of in scripture)
is NOT a heart that walks about feeling crumby & putting itself down.

It’s a heart that is aware of its own faults & inheirent sinfulness,
but depends on God for forgiveness, strength & joy!


Instead of saying, “Whoooa is me!” it says…

“Wow! God!”


The people who recognize their need for God are blessed.



4 thoughts on “Whoa vs. Wow

  1. The analogy with the cracked broken cup that NEEDS to be held together by Jesus was so good on Wednesday night! It helped me understand. We don’t stay broken as long as we are held together by the only one who can do it!

  2. I’m so thankful for the illustration you used on Wednesday night at Equip! Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my cracks, that I forget there’s a God who wants to hold me together!
    Thank you so much, Netta. I’m focusing more on the joy of saying, “WOW is God”, and less on my brokenness!!
    Love you!

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