Wordless Wednesday, 2/9/11

THE snow day of 2011

(More people were at our house that day, but not all my pics turned out well. Sorry if your face isn’t here even though YOU were!)

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4 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday, 2/9/11”

  1. Chilly says:

    wow! I love EVERY ONE of these happy faces! and I also love the face behind the camera!!

  2. Sarah says:

    The second-to-last picture is extremely well composed. Nice color!

    (Sorry, this may not have been the comment you were looking for but I’m a photographer…)

    • Netta says:

      Thanks, Sarah. That’s my oldest daughter!
      (and she is quite well composed… hee hee!)
      Seriously, though, thanks for reading & leaving
      your thoughts!

  3. Katy says:

    HAHA these are awesome!! That day was SNOW FUN! Thanks again Netta:)) LOVE YOU!

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