Sorta Wordless Wednesday, Good-Bad-Good

Good =

Making homemade laundry soap that is strong, inexpensive,

smells nice & is quite hard working.

Bad =

Pouring the newly made soap into a 5 gallon bucket that had been washed out,

but the old dried paint wasn’t scraped out.

Hey, it’s dried up. Who cares!

(This results in tiny, wet squiggly bits of paint floating around in the soap.

NOT good. Bad)

Good = Using the strange soap to clean sinks and toilets.

The strange painty bits just wash down the drain.

(Just be sure to rinse well with water.)

More Good =

I’ve found a similar recipe that doesn’t require a 5 gallon bucket,

just 5 milk jugs. I’m tryin’ that next!

(And be assured that I’ll be giving those milk jugs a hearty cleaning first!)

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

5 thoughts on “Sorta Wordless Wednesday, Good-Bad-Good

  1. Netta…. I have TONS of used soap containers… no need to rinse (I mean A LOT! – aka more than I need) and a clean bucket…

    I can bring them by when I bring the dresser.


  2. also… this is a good lesson in removing the sin in our lives that’s dried and crusted over that we think doesn’t matter… it ends up mucking up the good stuff… however, God still is able to use us!

  3. My mom makes her own laundry soap. She just went to Menards and bought a 5 gallon bucket for a few bucks. I love the smell of it. And I think it is a great idea to use old milk cartons! Go Netta! 🙂

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