Words that Sadden. Wounds that Lie.

“Ouch. They really just said that to me!?”

You’ve thought those words at some point & will again someday. (Nice, Netta, what a depressing way to begin a blog post!) But it happens cuz we deal with humans. Over the years I’ve learned that many hurtful words spoken to me are NOT really spoken AT me or because of me. Hurt people hurt people.

Think about that… Hurt people hurt people.

That said, I’ve learned to remain calm, smile and do my best to keep loving people when they’ve lashed out at me… well, I’ve mostly learned that. Here’s the deal:  that’s not so hard to do unless the person knows you well & is quite close to you. Then the words go deeper.


Those words sink in and make me ponder. Now what?

I pray. “Lord, what truth is in these statements?”

I talk with my husband. “What do I need to learn from this?”

I pray for the person, the situation, etc. .

But still…

Those words can start eating at me. They’ve cut me & now there’s a tiny seed of UNtruth that has planted itself there. Something like, “Since they said that about me, they must really think I’m a jerk. What if they’re right?  They probably are. I was probably way off in that situation.”  Then it can grow into thoughts like…. ” As hard as I try, I just mess things up all the time anyway.

Then it grows into bigger lies: “No wonder people don’t invite me over, I’m not really a friend.”  and  “How am supposed to do anything of lasting value if no one wants to be around me?

See how the lie grew?  It began as a sad heart with a wound that started doubting what it knew was true, and it soon turned into a giant lie that had little to do with the original situation.  We cannot blame someone else for that thought process. WE choose it. So, the flip side is… CHOOSE NOT to think that way.

When those thoughts arise, stop them. Talk to Jesus. He ONLY tells you the TRUTH! Think about what HE’s already told you… what you already know is truth!
Philippians 4:8 says to think about things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely & of a good report!


Lots of thought will pop into our heads during the day, but it’s up to us if we’ll keep thinking & expounding on it or NOT!  Choose your thoughts. It keeps Hurts from Wounding us with their lies!


8 thoughts on “Words that Sadden. Wounds that Lie.

  1. Such great truth. It is so easy to let lies grow into bigger ones & if they’re not put in their place immediately, they just get harder to get rid of. Thanks! I need to hear this!

  2. So true. Sometimes that junk slides right off & sometimes its like struggling to get out of a wet jacket… Words are meant to bring life to edify. At times they are just plain toxic. I get my fair share of ‘taking every thought captive’. I also try to be aware of what I say so I don’t offend. Good word Netta…thx.

  3. what a great truth!!! That happens to me all the time… I’ve learned to be still (and quiet – zip my lip) and then wait a day and try to talk to the person. Usually some crazy hurt comes out! but sometimes I forget the lesson all together! thanks for the great reminder!

  4. This is why we must speak the words we want to hear. Speak praise, encouragement, joy and life into others. Don’t wait for an apology before speaking kindness.

    Sure, the haters may still speak ignorance but I’ve found even bitter coffee beans can be enjoyed when covered in chocolate!

    By the way, Queen Netta, you’re the BEST friend, mommy, daughter, sister, pastor’s wife, home school principle, mentor, teacher, listener & blogger in the WORLD! And, you are the most REAL Christian I know!

    Great blog!


  5. Wow Netta! This is awesome, thank you so much for sharing this. It really made me think about how I talk to people and how people talk to me.

  6. This is so good! It’s definitely easy to allow the little lie to grow into something much bigger, which has been an area of struggle for me lately. But that’s when it becomes selfishness and takes away from God and what I should be doing, which is definitely NOT throwing a pity party!

    “When those thoughts arise, stop them. Talk to Jesus. He ONLY tells you the TRUTH!”
    This is such an encouragement, and a great reminder. I don’t want to be sulking (even on the inside) when I could be ministering or encouraging others.

    Thank you, Netta! I love your insight on life. 🙂 And I love you!

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