You know you live in the city when… Part 2

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The very first thing you do after you get out of bed each

morning is peek out the front window to be sure that
your car is still there.

You’re careful to stay in your house at the stroke of Midnight
on New Year’s because your neighbors are shooting their
guns in the air… just cuz they can. (not legally, I’m sure)
When you get a random knock on your door at 1:04 AM
from strangers who then stagger into the street & on to a
another door (probably looking for their own house).
When you LOVE to use your horn because people drive
SO stinkin‘ crazy!!!! (Horns are not an anger outlet,
they are life-saving tools!)
It’s only 6:58AM and the “call to prayer” blasts through
the streets from the local mosques for the 1st of 5 times
each day. Grr.
(I thought they had to wait until at least 8am.)
When you can capture your entire backyard in one photo.
When you find yourself twitching because it’s so difficult
to resist the urge to constantly correct other peoples’
grammar usage.
You take your kids to the wonderful zoo filled
with exotic animals from around the world,
& your youngest kids beg,
“Can we please just go see the farm animals.”
Your 3 year old puts up the hood on his hoody sweatshirt,
saunters into the kitchen and throws his hands in the air…
awwh yey!”
Everytime you drive way out into the suburbs & your kids
see lota trees & grass…your youngest kids ask you,
“Are we in another country?”
When your teenage daughter is better at parallel parking than
regular parking cuz street park is all we have!
When it’s snowy outside & you have to shovel out the
Street parking spot in front of your house… and then,
knowing that some “less-motivated” neighbor wants to take
your cleared parking spot you “Mark” your spot by
putting a lawn chair and/or plastic milk crate
in front of your house!
When it’s really hot & humid outside you really do see
people sitting in the doorways of building on those
same milk crates!
But, like I said in Part 1 of this post…
When you’re out of town & people ask when you’re from
and then after you answer them they sorta gasp & then
just stare at you… they stare out of awe, or respect or
pity or just straight disgust that we’d be so foolish to
move our family to that city.
When you totally love this city and the people!
And find it amazing how God has turned His calling into
the desire of your heart.

6 thoughts on “You know you live in the city when… Part 2

  1. AWE YEY!!! My paralel parking is improving (though I'm better in a van than my own car?!?!) and I LOVE the twiching over grammar… though I do that at the office… in Troy… where I work with people who supposedly have Bachelor's degrees!?!?!?! Some time I'll have to tell you about the(non-existent though often used) word "masonary" 😛

  2. Netta,
    This post had me nearing rolling in laughter, the kids kept looking at me wondering why I was laughing at the computer screen…
    I can relate with each and every one of these, except I'm reluctant to say that, well, the one walking in the kitchen, hands in the air saying "awe yeah" is my husband, not my 4 year old.

    Gotta love city life!

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