Just Standin’ there, Confused

Then God silently spoke: “You ARE just like those friends.
But what ELSE are they doing?”

Isolating is like…

Lots of leaders find themselves in a lonely place…

Menu Plan Monday, April 14, 2014

Michigan has temporarily forgotten that it’s SPRING!!!!
So I had to plan a few things that are good in cold weather.
But Easter… it’s spring foods!

Tuesday’s Talkin’

Repeatedly doing the same things and expecting different results drives me crazy!

Menu Plan Monday, March 11, 2014

It’s celebration week!

Why do you do it?

She cooked them a meal.
People probably ate it, enjoyed it
and most likely never said a word of thanks
or appreciation.

Menu Plan Monday, Feb. 24, 2014

Basic meals this week

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Tuesday’s Talkin’