Just needed a quick Peek

You’ve probably moved once or twice.
And bought and sold houses?

Sign this.
Read that.
Call them.
Now go back and change this.
Send in those.
Text to confirm.
Schedule this, cancel that.
Oh, and don’t stop packing boxes!
Wait, do we have enough boxes?
Etc, etc, etc… .

My tiny brain quickly starts to twitch. Eeekk!

In the middle of all this I abruptly stopped and clicked over to a few webcams
of what will be my new home by the end of the week…
and sighed
and smiled.
This is what I saw:

It’s exactly what my heart does every day…
throughout the day…
in regards to the bigger picture:

Hebrews 3:1

And when I look at Him & think of His wonderfulness & beauty…
I sigh
I smile.

He’s worth it all!

“Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us.
We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus,
the champion who initiates and perfects our faith.”
Hebrews 12:1b & 2

Wordless Wednesday, Patriotic Banner Tutorial

Using fabric scraps and old denim jeans I made this banner to

decorate our yard on July 4th. Here’s how… in pictures only.



(Note: I wasn’t driving. Just waiting for my daughter to finish

 cheer camp for the day.)



I linked up to a couple of craft sites this week:

Thirty Handmade Days

Cat on a Limb

American Heros make History

America! I love you.
Jesus! I love you!!!
With freedom comes responsibility…
Are you living like & talking about JESUS?
If you are living for the purpose that God’s called you to
(to tell people about JESUS), then you’re enjoying
and you’re changing history!
You’re an American Hero!

“But my life is worth nothing to me unless

I use it for finishing the work assigned me

by the Lord Jesus—the work of telling others

the Good News about the wonderful grace of God.”

Acts. 20:24
Click here to hear more!

A Grateful Comparison

Does is bug you when someone says, “Oh, I totally know
exactly how you feel?”
Although we may be able to relate to someone on some level,
we don’t really know exactly what they’re going
So, with this truth in mind, I humbly make the following
comparison between ministry families and military families.
The “ministry family” part I know… I’m living it and
loving the life I’m called to.
The “military family part”… I don’t pretend to really know
what their lives are like, but from those I’ve known and the
blogs I read and the few I currently know, I’ve seen some
similarities between the two.
I’m listing this comparison ONLY to heighten our respect
and admiration for them & the courageous lives they lead.
Here’s my observations:
– Often live away from their families
– Move from place to place
– Must force themselves to make relationships even though
it’s possible that they’ll move again soon
– Learn to rely on friends as family (we find this a blessing!)
– Good at packing boxes & moving
– Are acquainted with “lonely”
– Knowing that their husbands are on the front lines for the cause
– Risk is a way of life
– Strong Wives/Moms who must function for long periods
of time while the husband is away
(NOTE: my husband travels quite a bit, but I don’t even pretend
to relate to the military wives who are separated from spouses
for months/years!)
My comparison must end here… I know there’s so much more that
they endure,
that they sacrifice,
that they give…
I’m so VERY grateful to the countless families who live a completely
different lifestyle than I could ever truly relate to… all because they
have chosen to serve our country…
to serve us!
With tears in my eyes I write…
Thank you, Service Men & Woman and your families!
Your sacrifice is unlike ANY other!
I respect you, admire your courage and pray for you regularly!
Our freedom, our flag, our country means SO much to me!
Thank you for protecting all that we hold dear!

Not AS fun…

Yesterday my blog was funny….
just for simple joy of laughing.

Today… not AS fun!

I’m compelled to tell you what’s on my mind.
(I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about this before)

When I watch the news – faithfully each morning-
extreme frustration washes over me. My elected
officials let me down – OFTEN!
It helps me to know that I have a couple courses
of action… and when I go down these avenues
I am better and it can only help the “system”
to improve, too.

Here’s the TWO main options:

1. PRAY for my elected officials!
(And because I can’t always remember who they
are I go to www.congress.org and enter my zip
code in the box given on the left as you scroll
down a little bit. Officials, state & federal are listed)

2. CONTACT my elected officials!
(And because time & money are issues, I go to
www.congress.org, enter my zip code and then
click on the link to each of my officials.
Then I click on the Contact tap & on the
second row of text is a link called WebForm.
From there I can choose to click on an issue & send
a form email of my choosing. OR just email all
on my own. It’s easy. Quick. And presto…
My voice is heard!

I don’t like the fact that our Federal Gov’t wants to
control more & more and continue to add zillions
of dollars to the nat’l debt.
But I must DO something about it.

What about you?
What are you gunna do about it?
Have you prayed for our President & the officials
from you area?

Then, say something….
It’s pretty easy!

Memorable Memorial Day

So Thankful for
the people who have
sacrificed SO much
for our freedom!

SO thankful to live
in the USA!!!

Just a little view
into our lives today…

a little cook-out,
a little group of friends,
a TON of food,
a little water fight,
a TON of laughter..
and a TON of pictures!

Our patriotic house!

Using every inch of our backyard!

An on-going game of Croquet



Festive Food… Flag Finger Jello!

We call this special
egg serving plater…


(recycling at its best!)

Beautiful Sister
pushing her brothers
on the swings

Peek-a-Boo Boys… now eat your food!

Check out the stars
on that flag!
(it’s cloth, too)

It’s a small but inviting little yard! 🙂



Little Sister
holdin’ her own!

A Face-to-face

We had a great day!
I’m thankful…

Now on to our LAST week of school!

“Right, Mom?”

On Monday my youngest daughter,
who is 8yrs. old, and I watched a
History Channel special about
Martin Luther King, Jr. I was using the program to
explain more about the history of
our country and the huge significance of our
new President, Barak Obama.

Thankfully we have “TiVo.”
Every few minutes she said, “Wait, can I ask you question?”
Then she would go on to ask some of the most insightful,
understanding and discerning questions you can imagine.

“Why did the people treat other people like that?”

“Didn’t they know that God loves everyone the same?”

“Was the whole USA mean to black people?”

“Weren’t any of the white people Christians then?”

“MLK didn’t fight? Why did people fight about him?”

“What was happening in Detroit when MLK was alive.”

“Why didn’t they protect him from the shooter?”

“What happened to the white people who stood up for
what was right?”

“I wouldn’t care what people said, I would’ve been friends with anyone,
no matter what color they were… and, well, I am now, too.”

“Mom, if our family lived when MLK was alive, we would’ve been friends
with black people even if the white people were mean to us…
right, Mom?”

I could only nod…
I was too choked up to answer.

What a day in history!
I’m proud to be an AMERICAN!

A book with my Name on it!

Yeah! I just read a book with my name on the cover!
Well… sorta…. my LAST name is on the front cuz
it’s a historical novel about one of the pilgrim girls

Of course it’s fictional, but based on historically
researched facts.

Every year during the Thanksgiving season I’m
blown away at the sacrifice of the pilgrims;
the strength of body, mind & spirit.
They risked it all to live in a land where they could
live & worship God freely. Truly amazing!
(and we still hold out hope that we’re related to
Mr. & Mrs. James Chilton and their daughter, Mary!)

I’m so thankful to live in this country!