Crazy Fast Bread Recipe

Perfect bread

(This post was originally a text to my sister-ish/friend, Nia,
on Saturday morning. She also enjoys the thrill & taste of homemade bread)


Oh my word!  I’ve found it. The ultimate bread recipe!

I made it this morning and it really is easy and goes quickly.
It gets rave reviews from my family.

I guess the trick is
-sugar (which makes it rise quicker, but I never add)
-and mixing for 10 min.

The baking method is unique too. Sounds strange.
But it WORKED!
I used 2 C white flour and 1 C wheat.  (Instead of all white)

We love it.  Here it is… EASY BREAD and the picture
above was taken by Courtney who snapped this just seconds
before we sliced it and devoured it! Mmm!!!

I’m gunna stick to my old recipe for pizza
and this new one  for bread.


(P.S…. at the time of your reading this I’ll be on vacation
and this was scheduled to post automatically.
I MAY or MAY NOT blog while we’re away!)


Summer Sides – Netta’s Niche

My neighbors and I were talking about things that go well with
grilled meat during the summertime.  I mentioned the broccoli salad
that’s listed below, and since then I’ve also become somewhat addicted
to the tomato salad, too.


Broccoli Salad
(It’s similar to this recipe)

1 head of broccoli (chopped into small pieces)
2 or 3 slices of cooked turkey bacon, crumbled
1 or 2 spoonfuls of raisins (the yellow ones are yummy!)
2 or 3 spoonfuls of chopped nuts (usually walnuts or almonds)
1/2 cup (approx) of Mayo
few drops of balsamic vinegar
dash or sugar or sweetener
pepper & maybe a dash of salt

Mix all the mayo, vinegar & sweetener together in small bowl.
Add other ingredients in a larger bowl, stir.
Then pour the mayo mixture over top of broccoli mixture.
I like it best if it chills in the frig for 1/2 hr or so, but it can
be eaten immediately.


Tomato Salad

several small grape or cherry tomatoes
small chunks of mozzarella cheese
1 or 2 Tablespoons of olive oil
1/4 Tablespoon balsamic vinegar
steak seasoning

Cut tomatoes in half & stir in chunks of cheese.
Mix oil, vinegar & seasonings together & pour
over the tomatoes & cheese.  Get a fork!  Mmm!

(Note:  I’m guessing at the quantity of the oil &
vinegar.  This is something I just mix up w/out
measuring. )

Denim Pillow- Netta’s Niche

Oh how I love making things out of old jeans.  There’s so much fabric in one adult pair.
And so my obsession continues.  (Click here to see my other projects, and here.)

denim pillow
Last night I made a pillow cover for a coverless pillow
form that was awaiting some love. The two legs of the jeans
made the actual pillow, and a back pocket makes a nice
“hiding” spot in the front.  This pillow will be a little gift to my
son’s 1st grade teacher.  Perhaps she’ll find use for it in her
“reading spot” or where ever. Since she can pop off the cover
to wash it, hopefully it will be a helpful addition to her
classroom for a long time.

(I have two other denim projects in the works, but not complete…
Yet! )


Netta’s Niche – New Pizza Dough Recipe

For years & years I’ve used the same dough recipe… until this month!!
My “bread & pizza making” has changed because of this recipe below.

The secret is making a 4 loaf batch of dough that just stays in the frig
and is ready at a moments notice.  So far I’ve reached in my frig and grabbed out dough to made pizza, bread for sandwiches, pizza rolls and pizza.
The entire family loves the taste & I love how easy it is. Read & see why.

THANK YOU to my life-long friend, Jodi, who shared this recipe with me!!
We named it after you, Jod!


Jodi’s Refrigerated Bread Dough

Makes 4 1-lb loaves (small loaves)

3 Cups lukewarm water
1 1/2 T yeast (1 1/2 packets)
1 1/2 T sea salt
6 1/2 Cups flour (you can use 1/2 whole wheat)

Dissolve yeast in warm water. Stir.
Mix other ingredients together and add them to the liquid mixture.
Knead together.

Lightly cover & let it sit out on the counter until dough rises and collapses (approx. 2-3 hrs.)
Put in the lidded container (NOT airtight) and keep in the frig.

On baking day scope out a cantaloupe-sized hunk of dough (use flour on your hands cuz dough is wet)
and put in greased pan to rise for 20 min or more.  Flour the top of dough and slash w/a serrated knife.

Then bake at 350 degrees  for 30 min. to hr. (depending on the size of loaf).





Earth Day, Shmerth Day 2012

Being resourceful & finding new uses for things is a normal way of life for us. I grew up that way & those skills were sharpened as the size of our family grew. Every year I share another practical way to be smart with what you have… and this year is no different.

This project wasn’t planned as an “Earth Day Project.”  This is the way it came to be…

The bridal shower of our sweet friend was just a week away.
Trips to the fabric store for “gift-making supplies” continued to be thwarted by various events.
I was running out of time!

A venture into the “less-than-organized” basement.
Items found:

-A dress never worn
– Decoration fabric from last year’s July 4th party
-Old jean scraps from denim projects,  donated by several friends (including the groom-to-be!)
-Fabric from projects of Christmas past
-Pillow fabric (that was never used for pillows… or anything else)
-Ikea curtain panel that had been dyed green (that once hung in the house where several bridesmaids now live!)

Add to this strange collection of materials the bin of “this & thats” from my Mom… and the outcome is an

Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter


We don’t wait until Earth Day to do something smart with what we already have…

We don’t recycle just cuz it’s the politically correct thing to do…

Earth Day, Shmerth Day!  We just live this way.





(Special thanks to the apron model, my youngest daughter.)



We all wear jeans… and they wear out. Here’s more ideas for reusing that denim.






Sorta Wordless Wednesday, Good-Bad-Good

Good =

Making homemade laundry soap that is strong, inexpensive,

smells nice & is quite hard working.

Bad =

Pouring the newly made soap into a 5 gallon bucket that had been washed out,

but the old dried paint wasn’t scraped out.

Hey, it’s dried up. Who cares!

(This results in tiny, wet squiggly bits of paint floating around in the soap.

NOT good. Bad)

Good = Using the strange soap to clean sinks and toilets.

The strange painty bits just wash down the drain.

(Just be sure to rinse well with water.)

More Good =

I’ve found a similar recipe that doesn’t require a 5 gallon bucket,

just 5 milk jugs. I’m tryin’ that next!

(And be assured that I’ll be giving those milk jugs a hearty cleaning first!)

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Netta’s Niche – Italian Nachos



A Wonderful place in Detroit called  Avalon International Breads donates it’s day-old bread to our church. Sometimes, after we’ve shared it with our community there’s some left for our family to enjoy, too.  We have recently become addicted to a little idea inspired by a recipe from Rachael Ray Magazine. I cannot find the original recipe that started it all, but I don’t really make it like the recipe anyway (I never really do). But the main idea was using toasted bread triangles instead of chips. We love this!

Cut bread into triangle-ish shapes & brush with olive oil. Toast under oven broiler for  a couple of minutes. Then add peppers, onions, pepperoni, cheese (whatever you want) and put back under the broiler until cheese melts. SO yummy!

Note: cut veggies into very tiny pieces otherwise they’ll not get soft. Also, keep a constant eye on food when it’s under the broiler. It only takes a few seconds for food to go from yummy to brunt to an unrecognizable crispy blob.

It’s a great use of bread that may be a bit too dry for a sandwich… but it’s perfect for Italian Nachos!  mmm


Netta’s Niche – Dorito Casserole

There’s a lot of recipes with this same name, but this one came from my Mother-in-Law. It’s a favorite around our house.

A well-used recipe printed in our family cookbook


(Comments in parentheses & italics are mine.)


2 cans cream of mushroom soup     (I use cream of celery cuz mushroom)

1 soup can of water

1 can Ro-tel tomatoes           (I use the Aldi brand)

1 pkg taco seasoning mix     (I just mix up my own w/chili powder, paprika, garlic, etc)

1 med onion, chopped

1 1/2 lbs lean hamburger

1 cup grated cheese

1 pkg Nacho Flavor Doritos      (I use Aldi brand for this, too)

Mix soup, water, tomatoes & seasoning mix until smooth; bring to a boil. Fry onion & hamburger until brown; drain. in a 9×13 pan, layer crushed nacho chips, then hamburger mixture, and then sauce; repeat layers.  (I never layer, I just mix it all together.) Top with cheese. Heat in a 350 degree oven till cheese melts. Serve with lettuce and tomato salad. (We serve it with a side of rice, too)



A few years ago, Chilly made some suggestions for a Chicken version of this recipe which I later created. You may enjoy that one, too!

Netta’s Niche, Chilton Chicken Gumbo

CHICKEN GUMBO (Chilton Style)

1 onion chopped
1-2 Tbl minced garlic
1 lb. pkg frozen sliced okra
2 cans diced tomates
2 cans water
3 or 4 chicken bullion cubes
5-6 boneless, skinless chicken tenders
2 or more Tbl of cajun seasoning

Crock Pot instructions: put everything
in the slow cooker & cook on low for
approx. 6 hrs.
Serve over cooked rice.

Stove Top instructions:
In a stock pot cook thawed chicken, onion
and garlic on high for several minutes.
Add all other ingredients and cook on low
until you can’t see the okra anymore.
Serve over cooked rice.